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SonicLink – process control 4.0

IoT, Industry 4.0, smart factory – there are many different visions for a more efficient kind of production, but often, financial and technological hurdles stand in the way of their implementation. With SonicLink, EUROSONIC has now developed a brand-new ultrasonic system for industrial applications that allows automated, networked process control.

SonicLink enables communication between the power electronics/generator and the oscillating unit (converter, sonotrode) via the existing coaxial cable. There is nothing extra to install. The controller and the sensors are permanently integrated into the SonicLink converter.

More process reliability!

Via SonicLink, all process data is transferred to the generator, making it possible to define limit ranges for each application and monitor their compliance, thus preventing unexpected failures. For example, SonicLink enables the development of the temperature in the oscillating unit during operation to be transferred to the generator. If the stored critical value is reached, the generator switches off immediately. This effectively prevents damage and increases the service life of the tool.

Temperature, material aging and the number of operating hours affect the oscillating behavior. Therefore, before the start of every process, the resonant frequency of the tool must be redetected. SonicLink tracks and saves the progression of the resonant frequencies over time and automatically selects the ideal range for determining the resonant frequency from the available frequency band. This saves valuable time during production.

The following process parameters can currently be monitored:

  • Tracking of the resonant frequency
  • Serial number
  • Operating hours
  • Temperature
  • Number of switching cycles

Other parameters to follow...

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