EUROSONIC ultrasonic technology

We see ourselves as facilitators – helping our industrial customers worldwide and our employees from the region alike. Our strength lies in connecting things and this helps us not only to combine physical parts made of different materials into a strong structure, but also, in a wider sense, to form resilient relationships with our customers and colleagues, as a result of which we all continue growing together.


Think global – act local: We are a reliable partner for our customers worldwide.




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Misson statement

Vision | We strive to create solutions that enable our customers to manufacture innovative materials and create new joints that are long lasting and save resources, thereby contributing to sustainably securing the future of generations yet to come.

Mission | We develop and produce custom ultrasonic solutions for a wide range of industries and areas of application. Our goal is to constantly expand the limits of what is possible in ultrasonic technology and, in doing so, realize our claim of being a leader in our field. To achieve this, we rely on highly qualified employees and the latest manufacturing and development methods, as well as ensuring the quality of our products and processes through transparent documentation at all levels.


Excellence | We want to be the best in our field. So we act accordingly: From selecting highly qualified employees and implementing continuous further training measures to equipping our development department or production workshops with the latest technologies.

Responsibility | We are always honest with our customers, business partners and colleagues. We work as a team, reliably and purposefully. Our processes are transparent. We regard agreements and promises as binding for all those involved. We use energy and resources as sparingly as possible.

Curiosity | We approach every task we are given with an interested mindset. We are always open to new ideas – wherever they come from. We overcome complex challenges with creativity, a willingness to experiment and the courage to try out unconventional methods.

Tolerance | We treat everyone with the same level of respect. Regardless of their gender, origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or social status. We respect the opinions of those who think differently, even if we have a contrasting point of view.



For us, future is a tradition. As a matter of principle, we prefer looking forward to looking back. However, as there is no future without the past and we are proud of the ways we have evolved since our early days, here is a brief overview of the company's most important milestones.

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