Supplier code

EUROSONIC endeavors to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and corporate responsibility. As part of our efforts to adhere to these principles, we expect our suppliers to also adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Legal compliance: Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and legal requirements in all countries in which they operate.
  2. Human rights: Suppliers must respect and protect human rights, including freedom of association, the abolishment of forced labor and child labor, and adherence to appropriate working hours and fair pay.
  3. Working conditions: Suppliers must advocate for safe and healthy working conditions for all their employees and prohibit discrimination of any kind in the workplace.
  4. Environmental protection: Suppliers must comply with environmental standards and endeavor to minimize environmental impacts by using environmentally friendly practices and technologies.
  5. Integrity and ethics: Suppliers must act honestly, fairly and transparently. Corruption, bribery and dishonest business practices of any kind are strictly forbidden.
  6. Data protection and data security: Suppliers must respect data privacy and data confidentiality and implement appropriate security measures to protect sensitive information.
  7. Quality and product safety: Suppliers must supply products and services of high quality and ensure that they meet the applicable safety standards.
  8. Social responsibility: Suppliers are encouraged to be actively involved in improving the communities in which they operate and to advocate for social responsibility.
  9. Conflict minerals: Suppliers may not obtain any minerals from conflict areas and must ensure that their supply chains are free from the financing of armed conflicts.
  10. Collaboration and improvement: Suppliers are encouraged to collaborate with our company on continuously making improvements regarding ethical behavior, sustainability and social responsibility.

We view compliance with these standards as essential for a long-term and successful partnership. Suppliers that do not comply with this code may be excluded from future business dealings.