EUROSONIC applies the highest standards of quality and safety when developing and manufacturing ultrasonic converters. These high standards, which we always strive to maintain and develop further, are a key part of our success. And they result in numerous benefits, especially for our customers. For example: A special add-on on the converter enables the welding unit to be clamped directly to the converter without a booster.

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Key Features

  • Power range from 20 W to 6,000 W
  • Frequency range 20, 30, 35, 40 and 60 kHz
  • 98% efficiency
  • Tough stainless-steel casing
  • Anti-rotation, low-attenuation mounting
  • Easy assembly without special tools


  • Available with various degrees of protection up to IP 68*
  • Also available for rotation applications*
  • Featuring a compressed-air cooling connection*
  • Approved according to ATEX directives for explosion-protected dust and gas areas
  • Approved according to UL standards (an organization in Canada and the United States that certifies electrical engineering products)
  • Featuring a retaining ring*

IP 68 in a stainless-steel casing

In this casing version, we can meet the highest standards of safety and leak tightness.

  • Permanently connected cable
  • Various classifications for explosion-protected areas
  • Anti-rotation and low attenuation

20-kHz-to-6-kW converter

In terms of electrical connection, the 20-kHz-to-6-kW converter has hexagonal wrench flats. Thanks to these wrench flats, the converters can be fastened to the boosters with the defined torques in a reproducible and operationally safe manner.

  • Suitable for confined spaces, e.g. in the case of a sonotrode carpet or sonotrode table.
  • Various versions for the electrical connection possible.

The electronic oscillations produced by the generator are converted into mechanical oscillations by the ultrasonic converter. These are then conveyed via a sonotrode, or via an ultrasonic tool used in the application.

Yes, we also have an approval for dusty areas according to the ATEX directive for explosion-protected areas.

Many different factors determine the type of converter selected. Of course, the planned application is a very important factor. However, the converter's installation situation and the ambient conditions are also crucial. Is a certain degree of protection required or will the converter be used in an explosion-protected area? In addition to our converters, we are happy to offer you suitable retainers to optimally secure the welding unit and thus ensure precise working.

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