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Whether on the exterior, in the interior or in the engine compartment – car manufacturing involves numerous components made of thermoplastics. But these are not the only materials to be welded with ultrasound. Others such as wood or metal can also be joined to plastic parts in this way, resulting in a clean joint with no deformation, thus allowing sophisticated designs. When it comes to cable management and battery technology, ultrasound comes into its own in the welding of non-ferrous metals because the joints retain full conductivity.

Automotive applications

Using ultrasound

Advantages of using ultrasound in automotive applications

  • Fast and clean adhesive-free joining of plastic parts to metal parts
  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency compared to other thermal welding methods
  • No thermal damage to the component
  • Reproducible and precise welding results thanks to intelligent control technology
  • Ability to automate and network welding processes
  • Guaranteed conductivity of metal joints
  • Processing of complex designs
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