State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology for best productivity
State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology for best productivity.


We have a tradition in building the future.

EUROSONIC GmbH is based in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. We specialised early on in the manufacture and development of modern ultrasonic components. Using our considerable expertise and an abundance of fresh ideas, we combine this innovative technology with top-end manufacturing equipment. It is not surprising that our ultrasonic systems are used in so many different industries, since they ensure top-notch results, high quality standards, and excellent efficiency.

Areas in which our ultrasonic systems are used:

Our solutions and systems are many and various. Companies in the packaging and automotive industries rely on our popular EUROSONICweld system. Ultrasonic welding technology makes it easy to close all kinds of packages, from milk bags to sacks of cement. Our method of welding areas of plastics and plastic compounds together on a thermoplastic basis are also used in automotives, medical technology and telecommunications. Our ultra-modern EUROSONICscreen sieving system is used in aviation, chemicals and minerals, and in the paint industry – for powder coating systems, for example.

Cutting and trimming processes in food, sheeting, textiles and frozen goods can be performed quickly and easily using EUROSONICcut. That is why this system is used widely in aviation and the automotive and packaging industries.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has proven effective for the cleaning of individual mechanical parts. Our EUROSONICclean cleaning system serves reliably and effectively in the automotive and medical equipment industries.

EUROSONIC – ultrasonic technology for special requirements

As a specialist producer, we can supply solutions for special applications developed in conjunction with our customers. Furthermore, for manufacturers of ultrasonic processing machinery we can use our various components to manufacture custom ultrasonic equipment.

Ultrasonic technology – a market with a big future ...

Ever since we were founded, we have made a name for ourselves by steadily developing our products as an innovative and reliable partner in the growing market for ultrasonic technology.

We always aim to find the optimum solution for every task. This we do by applying our pioneering attitude combined with lots of experience. You can trust us to help you to use EUROSONIC ultrasonic equipment to run your production processes safely and economically.




EUROSONIC Neumann GmbH is the world’s only company producing high-performance ultrasonic components to be certified in compliance with UL (an organisation in Canada and the United States which certifies electrical engineering products) ...


New build

New Build

The ground-breaking ceremony held on 8 May 2013 represented a new chapter for the company EUROSONIC Neumann GmbH. Managing directors Waltraud and Robert Neumann symbolically turned the first sod together with the mayor, Ulrich Pfeiffer, and architect Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Braun.