EUROSONIC ultrasonic technology

We are a leading developer and manufacturer of ultrasonic solutions for complex applications in a wide range of industries worldwide. What's more, the lasting connections we provide are not limited to technology. We have long-standing relationships with many of our customers and partners. They value not only our passion for custom solutions, but also our quality-conscious approach and our many years of experience – this welds us together.

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Ultra strong, ultra precise, ultra fast – ultrasonic.

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Ultrasonic generators

Powerful, durable and proven

Our HSC series of ultrasonic generators sets new standards in terms of efficiency and operational safety.

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Ultrasonic converters

Highest standards of quality and safety

We apply the highest standards of quality and safety when developing and manufacturing our ultrasonic converters.

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Ultrasonic sonotrodes/horns

Precise processing for first-class applications

We manufacture all our ultrasonic sonotrodes (ultrasonic horns) using the latest CAD/CAM systems.

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Working at EUROSONIC

Looking for good vibrations?

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A world first!
Areas of application

We have the right solution for your industry

With us, you'll achieve optimal results in any application that exceeds the limits of conventional solutions.

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