The HSC series. Powerful, durable, trusted.

Module generator in digital version

Ultrasonic generators

The HSC series of ultrasonic generators made by EUROSONIC sets new standards in terms of efficiency and operational safety. Its sophisticated functional concept involving a computer-based high-speed control system adjusts performance to suite every load. This generator can of course be controlled via computer interfaces such as Profi Bus Ethernet and RS232. Our ingenious engineers have developed a series of generators that meet the most exacting demands.

When it comes to special applications, digital signal processing in these multiprocessor-controlled ultrasonic generators provides a wide range of new functions.

Key Features

  • Power range from 200 W to 6,000 W
  • Frequency range from 20 kHz to 60 kHz
  • Automatic frequency regulation
  • Maximum amplitude consistency
  • Quick-responding overload safeguard
  • Compact design, either modular version or switchgear cabinet version
  • All versions available with microcontroller and display
  • Certified compliant with UL guidelines


Switchgear cabinet generator analogue and digital version

Switchgear cabinet generator, available
in digital and analogue form.


Module generator, digital version

Module generator, digital version.

Module generators  in six-part casing

Module generators
in six-part casing.