The EUROSONICweld system

Ultrasonic weld

Welding systems

The EUROSONICweld system, consisting of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic converter and sonotrode, can be used for rivet, surface and spot welding.

Electronic oscillations produced by the generator are converted into mechanical oscillations by an ultrasonic converter. These are then transmitted to the workpiece via a sonotrode made for the purpose.

In a tiny fraction of a second, ultrasonic oscillations at the point of contact with the workpiece produce frictional heat which causes the material to melt and interlink.


Areas of application

Increasingly high demands are placed upon systems used today to join plastics and plastic composites on a thermoplastic basis. In addition to purely application-related criteria such as the strength of joints and their resistance to leakages, more and more attention is being paid to the economic and ecological aspects of the technology used.

Modern ultrasonic welding technology has proven especially effective in areas of application such as the automotives and packaging industries, medical technology, telecommunication and the manufacturing of household goods. The technique commonly referred to as ultrasonic sealing is becoming steadily more popular, especially in the food packaging sector.

The EUROSONICweld system is available in standard frequencies of 20 kHz and 35 kHz. For special applications, and in conjunction with our application engineers, we can also supply you with other frequencies such as the newly developed 30 kHz and 60 kHz system from EUROSONIC.


Key Features

  • Welding sonotrodes
  • Cleaning sonotrodes
  • Cutting sonotrodes
  • Drilling sonotrodes
  • Screening sonotrodes