The EUROSONICscreen system

Ultrasonic screening system

Screening systems

Modern ultrasonic screening systems like EUROSONICscreen have proven effective in areas of use such as chemicals, food, and the paint industry, as well as for the sieving of minerals. With a frequency of 35 kHz and adjustable amplitude, they achieve a much higher continuous material throughput than conventional processes.

Shakers equipped with ultrasonic can achieve maximum screening performance with a mesh size of below 80 µm. One of the pioneering suppliers in this futuristic market is EUROSONIC. Innovative ideas, many years of experience, and flexible, highly capable engineering make EUROSONIC an exceptionally well qualified partner, especially when it comes to creating customised and complex ultrasonic solutions. This can range from the simple custom modification of a standard component all the way to special systems constructed according to customer specifications.


Key Features


EUROSONICscreen consists of an ultrasonic generator, converters and a coupling piece. The system’s benefits include:

  • Ultrasonic coupled in at the edge of the screen
  • A screen need not have resonating properties
  • The screen can be made of solid material or hollow sections, of any shape