The EUROSONICclean system

Ultrasonic cleaning system

Cleaning systems

Modern ultrasonic cleaning systems clean very effectively and offer short process times. They are used mainly in the automotives industry, medical technology, chemistry, telecommunications and household goods manufacture.

Functional principle

The EUROSONICclean system consists of an ultrasonic generator and resonator unit. Electronic oscillations produced by the generator are converted into mechanical oscillations by an ultrasonic converter. These are transmitted to the cleaning medium by a resonator. In tiny fractions of a second, the ultrasonic oscillations in the cleaning medium produce cavitation bubbles whose implosion releases energy.


The EUROSONICclean system is available in standard frequencies of 20 kHz and 35 kHz. For special applications (such as emulsifying and dispersing), and in conjunction with our application engineers, we can also supply you with other frequencies such as the newly developed 60 kHz system from EUROSONIC.


Key Features

  • High-grade materials mean long life-cycles
  • Easy to retrofit on existing systems
  • Can also be used in a vacuum
  • Highly suitable for interior cleaning (all-round effect)
  • Economical